Prümer Hof

This beautiful apartment is barrier-free, you can bring a pet (there is a fenced courtyard area outside) and it offers a bathtub for relaxation. It is located on the groundfloor in the courtyard. Private terrace with table and chairs outside. 

Bathroom: Daylight, barrier-free spacious shower area, bath-tub, illuminated cosmetic mirror, 

Kitchen: fridge/freezer, ceran stove top, oven, microwave, exhaust hood, dishwasher, coffee machine and toaster. 

Living room / Dining Area: dinner table, leather couch, 4K Smart TV, CD / DVD / radio, highspeed internet access. Sleeping sofa 

Bedroom: Box-spring bed 1,80m X 2,00m, closet and bedside table.



files/amsteinfelderhof/redaktion/apartment-lilie.png Size: 70 sqm
files/amsteinfelderhof/redaktion/apartment-lilie.png Occupancy: 2 - 3 people
files/amsteinfelderhof/redaktion/apartment-lilie.png Bedrooms: 1 bedroom - 2 beds / plus sleeping sofa

Price for occupancy with 2 people:
2018 -90 EUR
2019 -98 EUR
20 EUR surcharge for each additional person
10 EUR surcharge for a pet
Price valid for weekly booking

Services Included: bathroom towels, kitchen towels, bed sheets, highspeed internet, parking. All guests may use washing machine, dryer, flat iron and ironing board, which are at our guests' disposal in our utility room. 



Floor Plan

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History: "Prümer Hof"

The Prümer Hof is the mother of all manors in Ahrweiler so to say, since nobody in Ahrweiler had a feud from someone other than the abbey of Prüm. Thus, the abbot of Prüm was the sole landlord in Ahrweiler.

There are 24 manors for Ahrweiler documented in the registry of Prüm of 893 out of which the city developed and grew over time.

The Prümer Hof was basically the leading manor over all the others and owned lots of land and a lot of vineyards. Over time the 24 manors were allocated to other abbeys and a total of seven noble families. Next to that there were seven non-noble feuds, which in turn could each be divided another four times. As a result, there were about 28 vassals in Ahrweiler in 1794. 

The Prümer Hof was also home to a court, which also included a gibbet.

The Prümer Hof was discharged of its duty of being a court in the 15th century and the court henceforth resided at Gymnicher Hof and the city hall.

The business function was taken over by the winery of Prüm located on the market square, where you can find the restaurant „Kleinertz“ today.

On the ground of the Prümer Hof the parsonage was established.