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History: "Ehrensteiner Hof"

In the medieval ages there was a nobility manor named „Ehrensteiner Hof“ at the place where you nowadays find the restaurant „Eifelstube“ in Ahrweiler. Ehrensteiner Hof used to be a feud of the abbey of Prüm. Since the Ehrensteiner Hof owned a quarter of the local mill and the Blankarts Hof owned three quarters, it is to assume that both used to belong together to some degree.

Around 1330 the castle of Ehrenstein was built in the Wiedbachtal by the men of Ütgenbach, which upon completion started calling themselves „von Ehrenstein“.

In 1449 the castle of Ehrenstein was sold to related Wilhem von Nesselrode, who thus also owned the Ehrensteiner Hof in Ahrweiler from then onwards.

In 1502 Wilhelm Nagel buys the „Staffeler Turm“ and Ehrensteiner Hof, which from that point in time onwards always stayed in the same hand, which was a completely new thing in the history of the city.

Dietrich Nagel, who was the new owner of both properties, got married to Anna von Ahr zu Antweiler. Their grandchild Katharina von Wachtendonck then got married to Dietrich von Metternich-Bourscheid, in 1574, who henceforth became the new owner and was an influential person at that time.

The heritage carries on until Wolf Heinrich von Metternich in 1652, who then sells the properties to the men of Steinkallenfels.

In 1700 they sold both tot he abbey of Steinfeld, whose property burned in the „Wehrscheid“ in Ahrweiler burned down in 1689. With this deal, the denotation of both properties being nobility feuds got lost. 

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