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History: "Essener Hof"

The Essener Hof, located in today’s Ahrhutstraße, was a manor of the „Frauenstift“ Essen, which existed from approximately 845 until 1803. The manor was also property of the „Reichsfürst“ (empire ruler) in the holy roman empire.

The Essener Hof belonged to the smaller abbey manors of our city at that time and was a feud of the abbey of Prüm. It consisted of a main house, yard, celter house and 2 vineyards.

For some time, the burgraves of Rheineck were the reeves of the Ahrweiler Hof.

The real meaning of the Essener Hof seemed to got lost in the 17th century, as in the housing registry of 1660 only two houses still were denoted as property of the Frauenstift of Essen.

It is to assume that the Essener Hof was already disassembled at that point in time, as the city map of 1775 already specifies the Essener Hof as private property. We do not know however, when and how the change of the ownership took place.

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