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History: "Forster Hof"

The family of the knight „vom Forst“ played an important role in the 14th century in the Rhineland. Alone from the time between 1325 and 1400 more than 125 documents have been conveyed.

The noble manor was located where nowadays the elderly home of St. Maria and Josef can be found and we can even have insight into a floor plan from 1410. The family got especially rich through their vineyard properties and wine trading. Even today you can still find of the more important vineyards in Ahrweiler being called „Forstberg“.

The most important representative of the family was Johann I. who held the position of the mayor of Ahrweiler, which he bought for 150 old shields. Furthermore, he had good relationships to important people such as the earl of Sayn, implying that he was not only a good business man, but also a good politician.

After Johann’s death, his sister and daughter Hille, married to Hilger von Langenau, inherit the Forster Hof. They had two daughters, Lise got married to Johann von Einenberg and Nese married Romilian von Kobern. With the latter couple half of the Forst Properties transitioned to the family von Eltz and also the Forster Hof in Ahrweiler got split between the two families.

Since the devision, the Forster Hof is called Einenberger and Eltzer Hof.

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