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History: "Gymnicher Hof"

Just like the other manors, the Gymnicher Hof is a feud of the abbey Prüm as well. Because of the name Gymnicher Hof it is to assume, that the manor was orginally ownership of the knight family of Gymnich. Indeed, there is direct evidence in the manor registry of 1540 of a certain Wilhelm von Gymnich, which can only be Wilhelm Gymnich who was married to Johanna von Saffenberg. His niece Catharina was married to Johann Blankart, which could explain the transition of the property to the noble family of Blankart, which received the Gymnicher Hof in 1522.

The manor was located where later the Ahrweiler Weinbau should be located. The owner, Gerhart Blankart (III) had four sons: Kuno, Johann, Ludwig and Gerhard, which in 1551 divided the heritage of their uncle Johann equally between themselves.

The last owner of the Gymnicher Hof was Johann Otto Blankart, who died in 1712 with the age of 28 and did not leave any heirs.

Consequently, he left all his belongings to his older sisters and after they died, the name of the Blankart family was gone as well.

However, through their marriages, they brought some still well known names to Ahrweiler: Elisabeth got married to Johann Freiherr von Rohe zu Elmpt and her sister Maria Odilia married Johann Franz Capellini gt. Stechinelli, Freiherrn zu Wickenburg. 

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