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History: "Maastrichter Hof"

In the 11th century (1051), Kaiser Heinrich III. gave all his property in Ahrweiler with all its belongings such as manors, buildings, land, fields, lawns, water, mills, income and much more to the „Servatiusstift“ in Maastricht (Netherlands) as a gesture for his father’s annual commemoration.

The main manor was originally located 500m south-west of medieval Ahrweiler ("Gisenhoven"), but the small settlement burned down and was almost completely destroyed during the unsuccessful leaguer of Ahrweiler in 1472.

As a result, the men of the Servatiusstift acquired a new manor from Johann Blankart somewhere between 1474 and 1482, which again belonged to the feuds of the abbey of Prüm. They new manor was located between today’s Volksbank and the „Weißer Turm“. In the year 1599 even 15 vineyards belonged to the property, which was the biggest vineyard share in Ahrweiler at that time, which showed the importance of the Ahrweiler properties for the „Reichsstift“ of Maastricht. In return so to say, many people from merchants from Maastricht came to Ahrweiler to trade, wine mainly.

The Maastricht Hof was next to the Prümer, the Steinfelder Hof and the Klosterrather Hof a so called „principal“ hof, meaning they had the right to earn a duty free wine passage in the county Neuenahr in exchange for one ton of wine (126 liter) on a yearly basis.

The judge of Wadenheim had the „duty“ to choose the wine and had the right to try up to three barrels, if the first one did not live up to his expectations. If he tried three barrels however, he had to stick with the third one, even though that wine might taste worse than the wine from the first barrel.

The Steinfelder Hof had the task to serve the workmanship and it is known, that these wine tastings almost never never ended in a civilized manner. The servant of the Steinfelder Hof complained that they drank so much, that the tastings always ended in fights and chaos.

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