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History: "Orsbecker Hof"

The Orsbecker Hof was located close to the canon tower (Kanonenwall) next to the Steinfelder Hof. Its location has been debated for a long time - reason for that are several name changes during its long history. In the later times of the old kingdom it was also called Bourscheider or Büllesheimer Hof.

First documentation about the manor was found from 1514 in a marriage documentation from Dietrich von Orsbecks with Katharina von Gymnich. The bride got amongst other land the "Ahrweiler Hof".

Later, Wilhelm von Orsbeck, Herr zu Wensberg, who was an influential person at that time, became new owner of the Orsbecker Hof. He was the chancellor of Jülich, which is why the manor was also called „Kanzlerhof“.

In 1642 a division of the heritage of the three Orsbeck brothers took place. According to documents from 1642 Maria von Orsbeck Dietrich von Braunsberg zu Burgbrohl became the heir of the manor, who was the daughter of of Engelbrecht von Orsbeck. 

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